Tribal Inspection Services Portal

From its humble origin in 1996 as the Primary Phase Inspections Group, Tribal Inspections has grown year on year and, since 2004, has been Ofsted's largest inspections contractor.

Since September 2005 we have inspected over 7,000 schools. In that period, every inspection scheduled to take place has taken place, none have been voided, none have required HMI intervention and we have met, or exceeded, our KPI targets in every single one of the last 12 months in which our performance has been described as 'outstanding' and 'exemplary'.

This has been achieved through the strength of our inspection teams in the office at Bristol, our inspector fieldforce and the QA team. Underpinning their work has been our IS team which has produced Totems and this portal - both are class leaders and unique to Tribal.

Supporting the fieldforce has been the largest training and CPD programme in the inspections market, with over 2,500 inspectors trained nationally and nearly 500 taking part in various forms of training and CPD annually.

Together, as you can see, we have been part of a stunning success story in supporting the work of Ofsted.